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Georges a écrit le 21.08.2006:
2ème EQUIPE:
No game on Tuesday / Pas de Match mardi

Racing a écrit le 20.08.2006:
Hey tiptop... ech mengen ech muss mol eng keier een match vun der AS kucken kommen :)

Georges a écrit le 20.08.2006:
Selbstverständlech huet den Fëschmaart en Supporterclub, ech geif schätzen sou eng 200 Mann. ;-)

Racing a écrit le 20.08.2006:

so wei sttet et, huet AS Letzebuerg een supporter club? wier mol intressant ze wessen

Daniel a écrit le 17.08.2006:
thx guys. all is fine. boy is cute like daddy... see u on training tommorrow, for a beer or two ;)

Georges a écrit le 14.08.2006:
Dan, meng Gratulatiounen. Daat hues de gudd gemaach (oder besser gesoot deng Fra). Dann waerten mer jo eng Keier prosten. Cheers

Rollaldinho a écrit le 14.08.2006:
Congratulations to DAN "God" Schroeder aka "the boss":
His wife gave birth to a son this morning. Best wishes!

3team a écrit le 11.08.2006:
Attention : Pas d'entraînement aujourd'hui 11 août. Match amical 1 équipe à Müllenbach.

Prochains entraînements : Lundi 14, Mercredi 16 et Vendredi 18 août, 19:00.

next week training will be Monday (14th) Wednsday (16th) and Friday (18th), start: 19:00


Rollaldinho a écrit le 09.08.2006:
Hi Ally, thanks for your support...
I wanna see comments like this at least once per week.

Rollaldinho a écrit le 09.08.2006:
Hello Guys,
the Boss is right, come to training cause we really have a chance to promote this year. We chose this district because there are much easier opponents then in the South district with Dudelange, Bettembourg,...all 1 Division Teams or better with strong "espoirs". But don't worry, the teams we will play are not that far away, it's not the all north district. The farest opponent is about 40 km away... Here an extra motivation to come to training: Frazer is the 2nd and 3rd team player with the most training sessions. This can't be!!!!

3team a écrit le 09.08.2006:
so, this is the situation:
around six (6!) 2nd and 3th teamers were on training yesterday. Considering we need around 24 players in September for the 2 teams, i see black. I know its vacation, but just send me a message, those who think that will play for my 3team. And yes, i am responsible for the 3 team (nord district, all settled yesterday with the President) together with Marc R.
See you all soon, hopefully.
Note: Training started on the pitch an d with balls again! ;)

Georges a écrit le 08.08.2006:
Hey Ally,
i'm sorry but we have a championship game on the 23.09. :-(
If you come to Luxembourg you surely can play with us, because vou still have your licence at ASL. No?
Cheers Man

Gally Lineker a écrit le 08.08.2006:
Hi lads

New photos looking good. Georges, no worries mate, feel free to use plenty of pictures from the old site; especially the lovely ones of me!!

'If you hate Paffenthal clap your hands...'

Pociatek Pohar has only two places remaining - are you playing a league game on Sat 23 Sept or do you think you can go on tour and enter a team?! Beer is damn good and nice and cheap too!!

Expect to pop over to Luxembourg at some time in the next few months - perhaps I can play for the team? As long as it doesn't rain again and the game gets cancelled...

Georges a écrit le 08.08.2006:
Salut Dan,
mir gesinn eis den Owend. Waat ass daat mat de Meint (Juli/August), verstinn ech net.

meagain a écrit le 08.08.2006:
and there are some people who confuse july and august in this forum...

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